Our Strongest Coffee is so Good, it could be Banned... thankfully it is still legal to make the Strongest Coffee in the world!


A rich aroma, a voluptuous mix of French and Vienna Roast, low in acidity, robust in flavor without being bitter, and generously caffeinated!

The Strongest Coffee in the World, Guaranteed or we'll refund your order.  


If you want to stay awake, with a great tasting, awesome, incredible, amazing, marvelous, wonderful, unbelievable, appetizing, delectable, divine, flavorful, flavorsome, coffee, you need this.

- Chris Gromis

Tastes great and gives a strong buzz. I drink coffee regularly, so I have a strong tolerance. But this stuff got me wired in spite of that. Thus, I recommend it to any caffeine addict that needs something to really give him or her a jolt.

- Sam