About us

Artisan Coffee Roasting Team Banned Coffee

We are so proud of our product here. Proudly Roasted in America by traditional roasting "Savoir Faire" using the best equipment from Europe and the USA.

Our roasting company creates the best coffee using traditional European methods and 70 years of combined experience to create the best Gourmet Coffee you can find. This is the same Coffee we deliver to our very demanding high end customers like luxury restaurants, hotels and coffee shops here in Los Angeles, California.

For the last 25 years, our Company has been importing the Best Coffee Bean you can find directly from the best Coffee Farms all over the world.

Every production from every Farm is different every year. We select only the best Beans available on the market and leave the bad ones for the others. Haha!

We Import Directly from Costa Rica, Hawaii, Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Yemen, Sumatra, Peru, Tanzania, Brazil, Honduras, etc. etc. 

Our Master Roaster has been studying the market for 40 years and was able to find the Strongest beans available. 

Our Banned Coffee Special Blend Includes Rich Arabica Beans Roasted to perfection to keep their best Aroma and Flavor combined with "Special" Robusta Beans know for their Strength and higher Caffeine Content.

Contrary to the common knowledge that Robusta Beans are of lesser quality than Arabica Beans, our Expert Buyer here has found those "Special" Robusta Beans off the most amazing quality that are far better than many Arabica grown even in the most prestigious farms.

It is now possible to find Robusta Beans of much better quality than many Arabica. We have found them and that's why we can now produce the Strongest most delicious Coffee in the World.  

Try it and see by yourself!