The War of the World's Strongest Coffees

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 Caffeine War!

World's Strongest Coffee, Strongest Coffee in the World, Super Strong Coffee, Hyper Coffee, Power Coffee, Etc... Etc...

It's Caffeine Content war out there! It seems that people need more and more Caffeine to accomplish the increasingly difficult tasks that fall on their heads everyday.

There's nothing new about this considering the record sales of Energy Drinks (that mainly contain Caffeine as their active ingredient) every years since the mid 90's.

(Is there now room for Delicious Natural Strong Coffee to replace the Chemically Processed Energy Drinks? That is a different subject that will be dissected in a different article.)

It is now proven that the primary active ingredient that keeps people going is Caffeine. So let's focus now on Coffee products.

Which Coffee Is going to win the War (or the sale)? The one showing the most amount of caffeine? It's highly probable. As a result, the Internet is full of Comparison or Review Sites showing how amazingly powerful are each and everyone of these "Make me a God for Today" Beverages.

But how much of these Caffeine content results and numbers are real? Who is providing the information? Who is validating these Statements? That is the question!

As we all know, the internet is a Fantastic place where anyone can post an article, create a review site or a comparison site and claim anything they feel like claiming. And believe it of not, when we all read these articles, we strongly believe in what they say. "Hey! I read this on the Internet! It has to be true, right?" Ha! Ha! We all fall for this, let's be Honest.

It is very Unfortunate that there isn't any Authority out there to "VERIFY, CONTROL or VALIDATE" anything that is published on the Internet (Unless it's important enough to wake up that NSA Computer Spider sleeping in your computer, Lol!).

How much information from the Internet can you trust or believe in then? I wish I knew...  :)

So... If we can't rely on the Caffeine content information published on the Internet, we (here at Banned Coffee) have decided to let the Science tell the truth and we have run some Scientific Lab Test on several Coffee Products to "VERIFY, CONTROL and VALIDATE"!

The Tests were accomplished By Chromadex Inc. a Pharmaceutical Laboratory using their state of the art, highly sophisticated Laboratory. For simplicity and coherence, we are listing the results below in a common serving size for all products (6 floz Cup of Coffee brewed using 2,5 Tablespoon of Ground Coffee/6 floz of water). 

Here are the products we picked:

  • The leader in “World’s Strongest Coffee”: Death Wish Coffee
  • The most famous Coffee in the world (who also claims to have a very strong Coffee): Starbucks Coffee
  • The number 1 coffee seller on Amazon: Koffee Kult
  • And us here at Banned Coffee

(We also have numbers on Energy drinks which will be posted separately soon).

The Lab Results were given in Percentage. Here's the conversion in Milligrams per 6 floz of Brewed Coffee (using 2 1/2 Tbsp of Coffee per 6 floz of water): 

  • Koffee Kult:               147 mg of Caffeine
  • Starbuck Coffee:       148 mg of Caffeine (erroneously listed at 260 mg on caffeine content review sites)
  • Death Wish Coffee:   151 mg of Caffeine (erroneously listed at 650 mg on wikipedia and other caffeine content review sites)
  • Banned Coffee:         237 mg of caffeine

Except for Banned Coffee which is clearly in a different league, these results show evident consistencies between the other Products and are very different (for some of them) from the numbers listed on the Internet.

We are happy to post these results as we have received hundred of messages asking us about our caffeine content level from people who were confused with what they read on the Internet.

We hope to have answered those questions although we have no doubts some will want to contest these numbers. So please find below the Official Results from Chromadex Inc. and if anyone has any issue with these results, please contact them directly :)

Lab Tests Processed by:

ChromaDex,  Inc.
     10005 Muirlands Blvd
     Suite G
     Irvine, CA  92618

     T:   949-419-0288
     F:   949-419-0294


 Results Shown In Percentage of Caffeine. 

Strongest Coffee Competition Lab Results Starbucks Koffee Kult DeathWish Banned Coffee


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