Get Buzzed About Giving Your Friend These Coffee-Inspired Gifts

You’ve got a friend that loves coffee. He or she lives for the perfect cup. It’s all that they talk about so you know that any old gift won’t do. Rather than buy a gift card or send flowers, why not give them something they’ll truly enjoy?  

The world is full of coffee-themed gifts. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best options available. Your friend will thank you for “getting them” and their need for a steaming hot cup of joe. 

Here are some coffee-inspired gifts for you to consider giving to a friend: 

  • A Bag of Delicious Banned Coffee. Forget standard coffee and energy drinks, this gift provides three times the amount of caffeine as those drinks. It’s a natural source of vitamins and minerals, too, so your friend’s body and mind benefits from our fantastic coffee. Banned Coffee comes in many flavors, too, so you can buy them a bag or two to try so they become hooked like you are. 
  • A Banned Coffee Cup. What could be better than a mug advertising the “World’s Strongest Coffee”? Your friend will get a kick referring everyone to our website to see if they can handle a cup of our signature formula. People will want to know where they can go to get Banned Coffee so who better than your chatty friend to tell them! 
  • A Coffee Bean Grinder. A necessity for grinding whole coffee beans, your friend will put this gift to good use. If they don’t have one already, they’ll need one for home. Smaller grinders can be used at work, too, if a coffee maker or French press is available in their office or cubicle. They’ll be able to brew on the go without having to make a mid-afternoon coffee run. 
  • A French Press. If your friend wants to make Banned Coffee at work, he or she can with ease. There is no special equipment needed other than the press and a mug. They can use the office coffeemaker for hot water. Other than that, they won’t need anything else to drink their favorite coffee while away from home. 
  • A Travel Mug. This gift allows your friend to take his or her coffee wherever he or she goes. They don’t have to settle for the watered-down office version when they have their own Banned Coffee brewed at home. They can enjoy the benefits of drinking strong coffee full of antioxidants. 

Get buzzed about giving your friend a coffee-inspired gift. He or she appreciates the gesture. They won’t be able to wait to share a cup of Banned Coffee with their roommate, spouse or co-worker. Everyone perks up after having a cup of the world’s strongest and most delicious coffee. 

Make this year’s special event even more memorable. Now that you have some coffee-themed gifts to give the coffee lover in your life, you’ll never run out of inspiration. After all, once they’ve drank their supply of Banned Coffee, they’ll want more. You’re the perfect person to give it to them, too!

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